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Managing "conspiracy theory" rants

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Managing "conspiracy theory" rants Empty Managing "conspiracy theory" rants

Post  TBQ on Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:03 pm

The "conspiracy theory" argument is used by public, media and officials alike as to in a convinient way dismantle a statement or discredit a source. So how do we manage these assaults and particularly the danger of a feeding a lazy and reactionary mindset?

Unless the opponent actually has researched the issue himself or herself and presented an opposing point of view based on facts, the opponent is as much of a conspiracy theorist - or probably something worse - because the opponents allegation is largely based on reactionary assumptions - and not by a process of realization. There exists certainly disinformation, unrealistic theories out there - but they can not be determined "conspiracies" unless it is actually proven that that is what it indeed is. The lethargic public certainly does not go the mile to do that - which is why rogue agendas can thrive to begin with. In the presence of a fully enlightened populus it would be impossible to wield the hidden agendas with any greater degree of success.

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Managing "conspiracy theory" rants Absolut%20conspiracy

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