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Post  TBQ on Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:37 am

Welcome to The Blackening Quill. Here we intend to further discuss the issues of the world as reported by insiders, intelligence specialists, analysts, reporters and other players in the fields of deep politics. A community gathered to shed light into the far reaches of political structures and the current events. If there is something of great importance going on in the spheres, then here is one landing base to discuss that.

This is a user based forum adressing the rationals, the forces and the issues of the world we live in - as it is. We strive not to see matters as we want them to be but as they really are. The quality of this site depends on user participation and everybody┬┤s interest to make it worthy the process of enlightenment.

Thank you for engaging in these perilous times.

The Blackening Quill Team

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