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A new gold backed dollar?

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A new gold backed dollar? Empty A new gold backed dollar?

Post  Guest on Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:59 pm

What do we say about a new gold backed dollar? There has been quite a few rumors to that end but nothing that has been manifesting so far.

The strongest pressure on such a creation should be the international consortium who surely doesn´t want to see their dollar investments collapse to less than half or nothing.
90% of the dollars are owned by foreign investors and if they do restructure the dollar to a gold-backed currency the main question of the greatest geopolitical concern is if this new creation is to be managed via the Federal Reserve Act - or if they finally manage to scrap that piece of catastrophy.

Foreign gold owners should be very cautious not to back up a dollar with gold unless it is within the controll of the state. Otherwise the new currency may be exploited negatively in the political arena by the criminal owners of the Federal Reserve.


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