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Post  TBQ on Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:24 am

"The world of global diplomacy is undergoing a complex change as the dynamics of energy and trade alter the balance of wealth, and ultimately the balance of power. The new powerhouses of manufacturing and potential wealth demand a far stricter adherence to diplomacy and structured negotiation protocols. The Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Russians and Europeans. The free wheeling American business style is rapidly falling out of favor.

The nature of diplomacy is also changing as giant multi-national corporations wield power, and wealth beyond the capabilities of many nation states. The most successful wield this power through Corporate Diplomacy.

The roots of Corporate Diplomacy go back hundreds, if not thousands of years, where merchants influenced Emperors and Kings, even ran entire countries, such as the East India Company. Today many nation states are reducing their global presence, downsizing Embassies and Consulates, and closing many cultural and educational programs. The corporate world is finding itself championing the image and industry of nations, with everything that entails. Corporate Diplomacy is the basis of these negotiations, protocols, and global programs to win the Hearts, Minds and Business of people around the world.

For over forty years Alan Simpson has managed change on a global scale, for governments, multi national corporations and broadcasters, as well as for small and large enterprises."

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