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Open Letter To Paul A Volcker: Leave The Cabal, Enlighten The Masses

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Open Letter To Paul A Volcker: Leave The Cabal, Enlighten The Masses Empty Open Letter To Paul A Volcker: Leave The Cabal, Enlighten The Masses

Post  TBQ on Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:46 am

Submitted by Restore The Republic Freedom Movement

Dear Mr Volcker,

Let´s keep this open letter short and to the point. You know what is going on, you know where the root of the problem really is, unless you have abandoned every form of rational, rhyme and reason. How can you serve the very people that destroys the constitution and spirit that gave you the opportunities of your life? How can you sponsor what effectively is a corrupt monetary system designated for disaster? Will you really leave earth to be remembered as "one of them"?

We know the issue is not to be taken lightly but there is a way. The way of enlightenment. And if one channel doesn´t work - you flip the channel. You could easily get proper support in other parts of the world to support a process of proper assessment and real systemic change.

Most people assume Rockefeller is naught but a proxy lieutenant of the Rothschild´ s and Weill´s of the world. That his deal is not much different than the ones they made with Warburg and JP Morgan at the time of establishing the Act. And you surely know they want a one world government ruled by a superbank where all "world assets" are placed in trusts - with "the guess who´s" as trustees. Then they get their profit from global taxes running through IMF´s slush funds.

This is the hidden agenda of the WorldBank and IMF plantation. How can you give away America to these zombie bankers and hedge fund hyenas?

Didn´t Reagan try to establish a move for a national bank during his last days? Weren´t you removed just as he tried to bring about change and resume american control over its assets and credit? Wasn´t he distressed that international banksters pressured him to raise taxes - so they could get more profit off their interests of the debt? How can you support such extortion of american soverign interests?

Why aren´t you talking to people about it and what happened to Reagan? A prosperous nation can´t have a "credit money" system that is backed by degeneration - toiled over-taxation and debt escalation - without corrupting the whole process - deus ex machina. America must command charge of and print its own currency and not loan it by way of debt to a bunch of criminal transnational banksters.

Wishing for honest accounting,

Restore The Republic Freedom Movement (USA)

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