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BLACK PLANET - 2010 JUNE 26 – JULY 2 Empty BLACK PLANET - 2010 JUNE 26 – JULY 2

Post  TBQ on Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:37 am

US: Congressman Issa (leader of the Oversight Committee) blasts BP Oil and Obama for blocking efforts to clean up the oil spill. [It is now clear that the agenda of those at the top is, not to control or clean up the oil spill, but to make it as bad as possible. Why? Because the crisis is useful to justify more government power over the environment and a ban on drilling. More power over the environment means higher taxes, economic hardship, and less personal freedom. Less drilling means less oil, higher prices, and more profit for less production.] WS Journal 2010 Jul 2

Ron Paul's bill for a full audit of the Federal Reserve is rejected by the House in favor of the powder puff version (Dodd-Frank Empowerment Act). Here is a list of the Representatives that previously co-sponsored the bill and then voted against it. [Would you trust them again?] Tenth Amendment 2010 Jul 2

British council has been exposed inspecting and photographing schoolchildren's lunch boxes,
– to insure proper nutrition, of course. Because of uproar from parents, the practice has been halted – for now. Daily Mail 2010 Jul 2

Obama pushes for a national standard on immigration laws, claiming that, if Congress does not provide it, states like Arizona will do it themselves. His "standard" would be to grant citizenship to illegal aliens. Fox News 2010 Jul 1

European court rules that the United Kingdom's "stop & search" laws are illegal and a breach of the Human Rights Convention. The government announces it will continue to enforce the law anyway. [You read that right. Totalitarian states are not overly concerned about court rulings if they get in the way.] Daily Mail 2010 Jul 1

At a town hall meeting, US Congressman, Pete Stark of California, denies there is an immigration problem, shows an appalling lack of knowledge about immigration laws, and is rude to his constituents. [There is no better example of the wide gap between the voters of America and the elitists who hold office.] InfoWars 2010 Jul 1

New research finds that plastics commonly used in water bottles and food containers are linked to asthma, cancer, and other health problems.
Natural News 2010 Jul 1

US: The government will destroy 40 million doses of unused swine flu vaccine with an additional 30 million expected to be destroyed later this year. Those 70 million doses cost the taxpayers nearly half a billion dollars, while Big Pharma walked away with the profits. [We predict it won't be long before there will be another fraudulent pandemic scare and another round of vaccines. Next time, however, you may be forced to take the shots or be imprisoned.]
Fox News 2010 Jul 1,2933,595724,00.html

Doctors say that radiation from airport body scanners can cause skin cancer, especially to the face and neck. Naturally, security officials insist the scanners are safe. USA Today 2010 Jul 1

Researchers find alarmingly high levels of arsenic contamination in the flesh of broiler chickens – 6 to 9 times that allowed by the EPA. A "bucket" of Kentucky Fried Chicken would be expected to have almost fifty times the amount of arsenic allowed in a glass of water. Arsenic is fed to chickens to accelerate their growth. All-Creatures 2010 Jul 1

US: A federal court overturns Obama's drilling ban, labeling it "overly broad, arbitrary and capricious." The decision immediately is sent to an appeals court. Meanwhile, the government continues to prohibit drilling in spite of the ruling.
International Business Times 2010 Jun 30

US: In the face of voter anger over runaway spending and a $13 trillion deficit, collectivists have been unable to get enough votes in Congress to continue the expiring unemployment-benefits bill, so they are planning to attach that provision to the popular tax-credit bill for new home buyers. [One way or another, they are determined to extend and expand the welfare state until the welfare is gone and only the state remains.] Yahoo 2010 Jun 30

Mexico: Candidate for Governor who was a critic of President Calderon's half-hearted "war on drugs" is assassinated. NY Times 2010 Jun 29

UN is seeking to implement global taxes that would redistribute wealth to developing nations under the Millennium Development Goals, with a projected cost of $100 billion dollars to US taxpayers by 2015. [The UN is built solidly on the bedrock of collectivism, and this is just the beginning.] CFP 2010 Jun 29

Report from the UN calls for scrapping the U.S. Dollar as the world reserve currency. [Almost everyone is in favor of that, but now the debate begins about what will replace it. There will be much discussion about letting the free market decide based on free choice, but we can safely predict that, ultimately, the collectivists who dominate the UN will do everything to push forth a global currency based on something called SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) administered by the IMF. This would be no different than the U.S. Dollar inasmuch as it will have no backing, and the amount that can be issued will be limited only by the imagination and political expediency of politicians and bankers. Inflation may continue and probably accelerate but we believe devaluation is in the pipeline at the moment. Regardless, the whole process will be called monetary "reform."]
Reuters 2010 Jun 29

US: Recent probe by FDA finds that airline food fails to meet minimum sanitation and safety standards. WCBS 2010 Jun 29

The psychiatry industry says that people who want to eat healthy foods are mentally ill. The name they have given to this preference is 'orthorexia', which means "nervous about correct eating". [There can be no question that the psychiatrists who created this diagnosis are incurably insane.]
Natural News 2010 Jun 29

US: New bill is on the verge of passing the Senate to force Internet users to have government-issued ID tokens. Those without tokens will not be able to visit web sites. If you are not politically correct, you will not receive a token. The bill is designed to silence dissenters. Prison Planet 2010 Jun 28

Genetically modified salmon could be the first FDA-approved GMO animal engineered to grow to adult size in half the time. [Before concluding this is good, be aware that there are human health risks in consuming GMOs, and some experts believe engineered salmon could harm or replace the wild salmon population.]
UK Daily Record 2010 Jun 28

US Supreme Court rules that a complete handgun ban is unconstitutional and that the 2nd Amendment applies to states as well as the federal government. [This is a mix of good and bad news: good because the right to bear arms is upheld; bad because the Court set a precedent for overriding states' rights to make their own rules in such matters. All other state powers could follow.] CBS News 2010 Jun 28 (The danger exists that new federal "rights" now can be invented, like the right to health car, and states will be required to go along - ed).

Toronto: G20 protests are marred by violent riots. Evidence indicates that, once again, this is the work of undercover police agents whose job is to provoke violence to give police an excuse to clamp down on all demonstrators and to taint those who protest the G20 with a false image of being hoodlums. [This article includes news reports from a 2007 protest where police admitted using undercover agents to incite violence.] Global Research 2010 Jun 27

US: Government panel recommends mandatory seasonal flu vaccines for the public – no exceptions. The CDC usually accepts the recommendations. Natural News 2010 Jun 26

Obama approves severe economic sanctions against Iran as punishment for Iran's refusal to reduce its uranium enrichment work, which Iran says is for power generation, not nuclear weapons. Al Jezeera 2010 Jul 2 (Cached). Ron Paul explains why these sanctions can be considered an Act of War.
YouTube Posted 2010 Jun 26

Las Vegas: Police break into apartment of young man thought to be dealing marijuana and kill him with a shotgun even though he is unarmed. Officer who pulled the trigger has a history of questionable shootings. [We don't condone smoking Pot, but what insanity it is to apply lethal force of the state to such victimless crimes.]
StopThe Posted 2010 Jun 26

An amazing little video shows how people living in apartments are growing their own organic food in WINDOW FARMS. The plants are grown from bottles connected vertically and watered by a small fish-tank pump. You have to see this to believe it. YouTube Posted 2010 Jun 30

US: Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcies. More than 80% of US deaths follow long progressive illnesses. Many believe that Americans are over treated. [In our opinion, the problem is not over treatment but treatment with the wrong therapies. Nutrition is not only less expensive but often far more effective.] Yahoo 2010 Jun 28

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