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EU Leaders Urge IMF to Introduce Global 'Tobin Tax'

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EU Leaders Urge IMF to Introduce Global 'Tobin Tax'

Post  Guest on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:02 am

European Union leaders have urged the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to consider implementing a global tax on financial transactions.

A so-called "Tobin Tax" has been pushed by France and the UK, but is less popular in the US.

The leaders called on the IMF to look at a range of options to ensure that banks do not take excessive risks that could lead to another financial crisis.

The call comes in a draft statement expected to be approved later, the BBC reported.

"The European Council emphasises the importance of renewing the economic and social contract between financial institutions and the society they serve, and of ensuring that the public benefits in good times and is protected from risk," the draft statement said.

This is a dangerous proposition for obvious reasons. IMF is the designated superbank of the New World Order and an implementation of a global tax will successfully
erode national power and program the masses to adjust to global taxations and global regulations - a new world order, commanded by the world bankers.
It also show that the EU leaders are either brainwashed or bought and paid for by the distressed financial situation.


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