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The Emperor, the Rockefellers and the Japanese secret establishment

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The Emperor, the Rockefellers and the Japanese secret establishment

Post  TBQ on Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:30 am

Benjamin Fulford

During my 25-years of reporting in Japan, the Japanese struck me as being a very superstitious people because they always insisted the Western world was ruled by David Rockefeller. At the same time veteran Western journalists told me the only serious taboo they ever encountered in their work was the emperor. Japanese journalists for their part took it for granted that criticism of the emperor would lead to harassment and even murder by right wing groups and gangsters. At the same time, there was always this façade in place that insists Japanese is a democracy with a free press.

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Re: The Emperor, the Rockefellers and the Japanese secret establishment

Post  Guest on Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:40 am

When David Rockefeller was interviewed at the time when he released his memoirs, he mentioned the sale of Rockefeller Plaze. He had sold it to the japanese but after some time had passed they intended to sell it off. Rockefeller wasn´t happy about that and went to Japan to convince them to keep the plaze. They sold it anyway. Rockefeller said he wanted the japanese to own it for multicultural reasons, that it is good that one nations belongings can be owned by another nations interests, to create interdependencies. To an american it must sound odd that Rockfeller wants a major posession like the Rockefeller Plaza to be owned by foreign interests.

To my understanding this was a tactic to enforce the globalization, to make nations dependent on foreign trade. That situation would make way for the destruction of national orders and instill the potential for future consolidation of interests, superceeding national ambitions.


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