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Gerald Celente - Trends Resarch Insitute - Trends 2012 The Great War

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Gerald Celente - Trends Resarch Insitute - Trends 2012 The Great War

Post  TBQ on Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:09 pm

Excerpt from the latest report by Trends Resarch Institute, a world renowned leader in accurate trends research:

Urgent Message from Gerald Celente

Of all the Trends Journals®️ I have published since 1991, this issue stands apart. Were I to rank it, I would say it is among the most important. The United States is on a path that, if not diverted, will lead the world into the first “Great War” of the 21st century.

This is not fear-mongering, “pessimism porn,” or hyperbole. Though the historical and external circumstances are so different that similarities are not easily discerned, the policies currently being pursued by the “great powers” are very much the same as those followed by other doomed Empires past.

Mired in debt and sinking deeper, America’s reckless domestic spending and engagement in expensive, drawn-out, unwinnable wars is characteristic of other empires in their waning days. In the past, the last-ditch attempt to preserve power was to wage more war.

To see the oncoming trends and prepare for the future requires a clear understanding of present socioeconomic and geopolitical conditions, and a solid grasp of past events that have led us to where we are today. So there can be little doubt of what to expect, this Trends Journal®️ is rich with facts, past and present.

Because this issue focuses upon the crucial mega-trend of “war,” it does not address our usual range of consumer, lifestyle, health and education trends. The economy, climate change, health care legislation, immigration … all become secondary issues when confronted by the implications and repercussions of the impending “Great War.”

The course of history can be changed – but only if enough people take action. By reading this issue of the Trends Journal®️, you are taking a conscious step.

Gerald Celente

Trends Research Institute

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